• Carole Brunni


    Diana Casey

    Diana has jewelry.

    Julie Day


    Lorne Dear

    Lorne's wood work of designs relating to the area and its wild life are excellent depictions with inlaid designs. He also offers wood coasters of the quail, coyote and large arrow heads and his plaques of inlaid howling coyote are perfect for any wall. His large handcrafted benches are comfortable and would be beautiful sitting on anyone's porch. Don't forget his southwest rope tied ladders of different sizes. Both the bench and ladder are displayed at the Chamber office in the Gallery with special orders available.

    Terry Dear


    Wendy Hulse


    Kelly Kiley


    Sharlet Kish

    Distinctive watches and jewelry made with silver Jake rings and unusual stones. She also creates bracelets with large stones and charms, large beads and interesting designs. Sharlet's artwork demonstrates that her pieces are diverse with that one-of-a-kind appeal. Sharlet's oil paintings also reveal her unique style.

    Libby Maaske

    Lap Puff Quilts and Pillows, one-of-a-kind, for babies, children and adults. These lap puff quilts and pillows range in color and design. Libby does special orders on availability of fabric and you can supply your own special fabrics. Libby has introduced her line of refrigerator door handle covers in great fabric designs to suit any kitchen.

    Carrie Mooneyham


    Suzann Newell

    Suzann offers an assortment her own written books.

    Adrienne O'Keeffe

    Adrienne offers an assortment of ceramic bowls, Ginger Jars, candy dishes, chess sets, napkin rings and more. Adrienne also has a line of handmade greeting cards for all occasions.

    Bill Purkiss

    Bill's outstanding designs and artwork take jewelry to an all new direction. Modern but classic, all with stones beautifully set and garnished with intricate twisted wire wrapping. Bill also has designed new pieces set with dichroic glass embellishments.

    Christina Purkiss


    Carole Ray


    Cheryl Rose


    Nancy Stone

    Nancy's presents distinctive soaps in an array of shapes, bath salts and dream catcher earrings.