We are a small treasure town nested on the Arizona side of Lake Mead, and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is speculated that it was first discovered back in the early 1800's by an expeditioner named Jerediah Smith; many other expeditioners have passed this area while exploring the great Southwest. 

At an elevation of around 4000 feet, we are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Joshua Tree Forest. The elevation is key to the health and growth of these rare trees. It is not well known that this forest is the largest Joshua Tree Forest in the nation, but it's believed that this is the only town located in a national forest with properties surrounded, and protected by Federal land. This park is known as the Lake Mead National Recreational Area, and Grand Canyon. We enjoy some amazing views of the Grand Wash Cliffs, Music Mountains, Iron Mountains, and the surrounding areas around Lake Mead the largest reservoir in the United States. The town was established back in the 1960's as a possible retirement community, but it has grown with families looking to be closer to nature, and adventure. Being apart of an area known for it's past history in gold prospecting, you can still find old mines, and mine shafts that tell about the many people that came here in the past searching for riches. The natural beauty, and the proximity to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon brings many tourist to our area to visit every year. Many people fall in love with this town, and decides to either make it their permanent home, or some are what we love calling our weekend warriors that decide to make Meadview their second vacation home. 

This town is more then meets the eye with amazing hiking trails where you can find local flora and fauna. Our local flora includes a wide variety of desert flowers, cacti that includes the Joshua Tree, Barrel Cactus, and Prickly Pear. Many of these will bloom during the spring and summer seasons. Our local fauna includes Quails, Hawks, Roadrunners, Coyotes, Mountain Sheep, Bobcats, and Mountain Lions just to mention a few. Do not forget when hiking to take the proper precautions since the state of Arizona is well known for the variety of snakes, including many rattlesnakes. 

Not sure where to start with information? No worries! At our location in the Chamber of Commerce we offer information about the local hiking spots, flora, and fauna. Also we have many groups dedicated to help our locals, and visitors to learn, protect and enjoy this town. Groups like: The friends of the Joshua Tree Forest, South Cove Kayakers, Meadview Explorers, and Meadview Ridge Riders ATV Club... just to mention a few! 

In Meadview, we have great camping areas, and places to enjoy kayaking. Did we mention how this town is favorite by many astronomers, and night sky enthusiasts? Well, let me tell you that with Arizona being one of the states that have ordinance in place for the “dark sky movement” to campaign to help reduce the amount of light pollution, we have many that visit us to study the obscure beauty of our “night sky”. Let's be fair to say that during the day the sunny skies are absolutely beautiful, and you can see the spectacle of colors at dawn or dusk that absolutely shows why the Arizona flag has the bright and vivid colors reflecting our beautiful sunsets.

While small, we have a few local restaurants, bar, post office, business center, small library, gas station, general market, two motels, several Airb&bs, and more. We do have several businesses that provide services to visitors, and locals alike. Also, near by you will find several RV parks, camping areas, and Right off Diamond Bar you will find your way to the Grand Canyon West Ranch, and of course, the Grand Canyons West Rim access.

Come and visit us soon! We are a small town, but rich in beauty and history!

Explore The Beauty Of The High Desert!

Nature At It's Best

Many of these pictures were taken, and shared by some of our local residents. Feel free to share some of your picture adventures with us!

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